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  World o Networking
Version 1.0
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About World o Networking:

2002, mmu_man
*NOT* for Dano / R 5.1 /PhOS
(those already have a new version)

This will backup and replace your Netscript (you shouldn't change it anyway :)

If you want to change the configuration, always launchWONSetup
*from this folder* (it needs what is in this folder and in lib/)

double click INSTALL

This is a heavilly patched (DiskProbe & bdb rulz !) version of WON.


World O' Networking

[updated Aug 27, 1999]

World O' Networking (WON) is the BeOS interface for sharing files and
services over a network. If you're on a LAN (with 2 or more computers),
when you open WON it automatically "populates" your WON window and
gives you access to:

* File sharing through CIFS 1.0 (Common Internet File System).
This means Be users can now share files and resources
on Windows machines, and Unix machines running SAMBA.

* Printing for CIFS and AppleTalk. Because the print layer and
print panels are now network aware, it's easy to add a default
network printer.

Take care : realize that this is an experimental package. This means that there
are known problems. See "What's Broken?" at the end for details. You should also
check out http://www.be.com/support/updates for newer packages of WON.

To start WON:

1. Launch the CIFS setup app called WONSetup; you'll find
it in your optional/experimental directory.
2. In the setup panel, check File and Printer sharing, name your workgroup
(this is the name given to a group of machines), if you're unsure just choose
WORKGROUP. Enter a default username and password, if you'd like. WON will use
these first whenever you attempt to access a server.

Once you've configured your WON with the above information, you can browse the
network. Access is through a desktop icon called World O' Networking. Click
on the icon and a list of workgroups on the network should appear; clicking on
the workgroups should show a list of machines, clicking on a machine will show
files shares and printers. The layout of workgroups and machines depends on how
the sys admin has configured the network. The windows showing the lists of workgroups
and machines can be closed, and if desired, and reopened by right-clicking the
WON icon.

*** Network Printing

Launch WON and choose a printer from the WON window. WON is integrated
to BeOS Printer prefs, which pops up when you choose a printer. You can add a
printer (the panel is already set for Network printer), click OK, and then
configure your network printer in the next window.

*** Command line tools:
Included in the WON package are a couple tools that you might find
helpful. Often they can be used to diagnose problems with WON, or
help understand how the sys admin has setup the network.

* cifsmount takes several parameters and will mount remote shares.


$ cifsmount \\\\tiger2\temp SAM SAMMY /mnt

Don't have a DNS server? You can specify the ip like so:

* ezmount is just a simple script that wraps up cifsmount.


* unmount will remove the local shared mount. Unmount is not a part of the
WON package; it's the same command used for regular mounts.


*** Removal

Most of WON is integrated into the OS, however if needed it's easy
to turn off. Use World O' Networking Setup and uncheck File and Printer
sharing. Or edit the /beos/system/boot/Netscript file, and remove the
following lines:

start beos/bin/ksocketd
start beos/system/servers/da_hood

*** So, what's broken? What's fixed?

The browsing part of WON is less tested than the specific file-sharing.
If you'd really like to access a server on a regular basis, I recommend that
you add a cifsmount entry into your startup script.

You can now use cleartext encryption.

If you can never see any workgroups, check your windows machines for a setting
called "Browse Master", and make sure its set to "Enabled".

Latest Version

Details about this version:
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Intel (BeOS 5 + BONE7a)     (209.7K)

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