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  Athlon XP Patch
Version 1.0
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About Athlon XP Patch:

Hello lucky athlon XP and MP owners,

As you probably noticed, athlons XP cpus can't boot BeOS 5. This is
due to the SSE instructions that make it crash. This patch will just
remove all code where BeOS uses SSE instructions.

1) Disclaimer
This patch is not supported neither by Be or Palm, so don't ask them
for help. Moreover, be aware that you use this patch at your own risk.
Neither me, Pirge, or anybody should be considered as responsible if
this makes your computer burn!

If BeOS is perfectly working on your computer, then do not apply this
patch. Your system may become unstable!

2) The patch
The patch archive contains 2 files: "kpatch" and "kpatch.sh". You must
copy these 2 files into the same directory, and run "kpatch.sh". Here is
what these files do:
- kpatch is an executable that patches the kernel. This program will
detect if you have BeOS 5.0 Pe or Pro.
- kpatch.sh is a shell script that will backup all modified files,
modify several ".patch" files, and run kpatch. The patch applies to
the /BeOS partition. If you have named your hard disk be partition
something else, then you will have to modify the following 2 lines at
the start of the script that define the paths:


for example if your hard drive be partition is named "bebox"


This patch should work on BeOS Pe 5.0.0, BeOS pro 5.0.0, and BeOS pro
5.0.2. If you update your kernel to another version, there are chances
that this patch will not work on your system.

3) Ok but I can't boot, how can I apply your patch ?
There are not a lot of solutions to applying this patch. If you need it,
it is probalby because you can't boot. Here are serveral solutions to

If you have a BeOS 4 demo cd, you can use it to boot BeOS 4, mount
your BeOS 5 partition and apply the patch.

If not, then you will have to use the mini-be cd that I did. Create
a boot floppy from the boot.img file contained in the archive and
boot it.
- When the BeOS boot screen appears, hit space to show the boot menu.
- When it appears goto "Select new boot volume" and choose "Boot from
- Wait a little bit and the Tracker should appear in black&white.
- If your BeOS 5 partition is not mounted, then mount it.
- Launch the terminal (Right click on the desktop and choose
Desktop->BeOS XP Boot->beos->apps->Terminal.
- If your BeOS hard disk partition is not named 'BeOS' then copy the
patch files to the hard disk and run them from there.
- In the terminal type kpatch.sh. It should say that your kernel
has been succesfully patched.
- Type shutdown -r to reboot your computer.

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AMD (BeOS 5)     (5.2K)
AMD (BeOS 5)     (8.3K)

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