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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About AMD-CPU:

amd-cpu is a driver to turn on some of the features of amd cpus that BeOS doesn't use.

The project initially started when I upgraded my laptop from a K6-2 to a K6-3+ cpu and found out that BeOS didn't turn on any of its features. Also my bios didn't recognize the cpu so it wouldn't set write allocate. I could get utilities for windows but nothing for BeOS so I decided to write my own driver.
When I initially wrote the driver it was only for my machine and didn't have any kind of checks in place. Once I had finished the basic functions I decided to add PowerNow support but this proved to be a problem. The BeOS does not handle having the clock multiplier changed on it well, it cause a time dilation effect that can be very annoying. So while the driver supports setting and changing the multipliers I don't use it. I do have the beginnings of a PowerNow replicant that I created by hacking up BatteryView but since there is the time dilation problems under BeOS and my bios doesn't support changing the voltage setting the power savings weren't enough to justify spending any more time on it.
Well once I got the driver working on my machine I went onto other things always meaning to clean it up and release it so other people could use it. Well I finally got around to cleaning it up a bit and adding support for the Athlon's MTRRs (I hope).


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AMD (BeOS 5) + Source     (51.2K)

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