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About ImageMounter:

ImageMounter makes image-mounting easy. Image files are generated by many CD-burning applications. Simply put the file "ImageMounter" into "/boot/home/config/add-ons/Tracker". Then you will be able to mount an image by right-clicking it in the Tracker and selecting "ImageMounter" of the "Add-Ons"-menu. Or use it as a normal application. Then you can mount an image file by right-clicking onto the image file and choosing "ImageMounter" in the "Open With..."-menu or launch it by double-clicking it. A small window will appear on the screen. Image files dropped into this window will be mounted.
Currently, ImageMounter is able to mount BFS, HFS, DOS and ISO9660 images.


Note: The PPC version has not been tested. It has been compiled on a x86-machine with
the C++ PowerPC cross compiler add-on by Be, Inc. If you experience trouble, please
send me a bug report (if you want to help improving ImageMounter...).

Thanks to Brent Miszalski for bug reports and his wiki at http://wiki.bebits.com/.

ImageMounter is freeware, of course.
Copyright by Maurice Michalski

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1.0 PPC / Intel (BeOS)     (33.5K)
0.3 PPC / Intel (BeOS)     (30.6K)
Source Code     (14.4K)

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