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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About MPG123:

This isn't a new player. It's a near fully rewritten version based on the
mpegaudio (FHG-version) package. The DCT algorithm in the
synthesis filter is a rewritten version of the DCT first seen in the maplay
package, which was written by Tobias Bading (bading@cs.tu-berlin.de). The
rewrite was neccassary, because the GPL may not allow this copyright mix.
The mpegaudio package was written by various people from the MPEG/audio
software simulation group. The maplay is under GPL .. You can find the
original source code and the mpegaudio package on: ftp.tnt.uni-hannover.de.

You will find code from the mpegaudio package in:
I also often used the same variable names in the rewritten parts.

In the current layer3.c I'm using a DCT36 from Jeff Tsay's
(ctsay@pasteur.eecs.berkeley.edu) maplay 1.2+ package. His code is
under GPL .. I also tried the enhancement from Mikko Tommila. His
code is also in layer3.c (but it's disabled at the moment, because
it was slightly slower than the unrolled 9 point DCT (at least on
_my_ system)). Theoretically it should be faster. You may try it on
your system.

The output is always 'two channel interleaved'. If the input is a
a mono-stream or single-channel is enabled, the player duplicates
the channel. Currently, only (very simple) audiosupport for
Linux,HP7xx,SGI,SunOS/Solaris and FreeBSD systems.
I have tested the program with a lot of teststreams, but it's very
likely, that there are still a few bugs.

have fun,


Copyrights (c) 1995,1996,1997 of all changes/modifications and
of the new code by Michael Hipp. All rights reserved.
Copyrights (c) 1997 of several enhancements by Oliver Fromme.
See the packages 'maplay 1.2(+)' and 'mpegaudio' for their copy-policies.
Copyrights (c) 1997 of the OS2 specific parts by Niclas Lindstrom

known bugs:
layer 3 i-stereo not heavily tested
btw: I'm looking for i-stereo teststreams .. maybe you could send me a few
Layer 1 not heavily tested
no CRC checking ..
no 'free format streams'
no clean audio interface
MPEG 2.0, Layer1 and Layer2 not tested (and probably will not work)
MPEG 2.0, Layer3 not heavily tested .. may has bugs.

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Intel (BeOS R4.5)     (83.9K)

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