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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About BePeriodic:

Version Info:
This is a preview of BePeriodic. Please test it, and report me, if you had any problems. In this Version onyl H and He elements are supplied with data. More Data will be supplied with the next version, if there is interest in scientific software like BePeriodic, please send me feedback.

The supplied font "symbol.ttf" should be installed (with the script also supplied) to ensure best display of greek characters in atomic data

Feedback / Contact .:
Please tell me, about problems, or features you would like to see in BePeriodic.

WWW: http://www.n-i-b.com
EMAIL: be@n-i-b.com

BePeriodic is not certified software, please use it as a shorthand reference for your chemical questions upon atomic data. Do not use it, or the data, for serious tasks, like experiments or tests. BePeriodic is published as is, and no guarantee, that i made no typing error on entering data. so use it at your on risk, and don't come running to be, if you blew up your house.

The TTF-Font added with this package is taken from Microsoft Office, and is as it is, copyright by the company named above, or their licencee.

All data contained in BePeriodic is scientific data, that is published at numerous places in books and the internet. This reflect common knowledge, so either do I reserve any rights for the Data included, nor do I refer to anybody for me using it.
BePeriodic's binary is although copyright by n-i-b, and it is not allowed to be reverse engineered, nor altered. Any use of BePeriodic for commercial purposes must be asked allowance for. BePeriodic is free for educational and private usage.This conditions might change with time.
For re-publiation, or reference on your site, cd-rom or whatever form, please contact me.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> be@n-i-b.com <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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