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Version 1.27
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  Submitted by: KP3FT

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About VNCServer:

Remote VNC server for BeOS R5 Intel and PPC, and Haiku. Allows remote connection from any computer with a VNC veiwer.

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Details about this version:
VNCServer lets you use your BeOS or Haiku computer from anywhere there is an Internet connection. You can think of it as a really long keyboard, mouse and video cable. A VNC client (available elsewhere for Windows, Mac, Linux, others) shows you the BeOS screen and sends keystrokes and mouse actions to your BeOS system over the Internet. The VNCServer software running on BeOS/Haiku takes that data from the client, and simulates button presses on a fake keyboard and movements of an imaginary mouse. In the opposite direction, it scans your BeOS/Haiku screen for changes, compresses the resulting graphics data and transmits it to the client.

This is a port of VNC using RealVNC&squo;s version 4.0 final source code (which has an extremely well designed class structure, making it easy to do this port). There are lots of VNC clients out there, but I can recommend the RealVNC ones as working very well under Windows. You can get their clients, servers and source code at http://www.realvnc.com/

Intel, PPC, (BeOS, Haiku)     (1.6M)

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