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  Fish-Shark Life
Version 1.0
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About Fish-Shark Life:

This program is somewhat based upon the classic "Game of Life". I made it in a software engineering class in school. I also added a 3rd species to the mix. Instead of picking something traditional, I used pollution. It actually worked out rather well since it makes quite a difference at times.

The program has quite a few rules like lifespan, age before birth is allowed, minimum time between eating and birth, etc. When you run it, there's nothing to do but watch. No controls or anything to play with. Eventually I want to add some, but it's not a high priority. I also want to add some functionality to track and graph the population levels as they change.

All in all, this app will probably be very boring for you. However, I included the source so that you could play with it or learn about BeOS programming from it. I happen to think the code is pretty good. There's a couple places that could be cleaned up as well as a few areas that should really be re-implemented in a more effcient manner, but it's good enough for starters.

I once managed to have over 100,000 generations go by with both sharks and fish surviving. So this is a pretty stable simulation as most go. Anyway, have fun.

Sean Heber

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