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Version 0.1
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About Stills2Movie:

Stills2Movie 0.1

Stills2Movie is a small tool for creating movie files (AVI or QuickTime) from still images.

In the right part of the window you see a listview. Pick a pile of files in Tracker and drop them there. The input images can be of any size and format. The output size will be what you specify in the Width and Height gadgets. You can sort the files by dragging them or delete them - just hit the delete key. Shift and Control will work, too. Then, make your adjustments to your liking concerning the movie parameters and hit "Create Movie". There is one trick yet, that needs a mentioning: If you make text file containing a list of image files, one per line with full path, and if you then copy that file to the clipboard, you can paste it into the list, too. This way you can make individual lists of files. Granted, it's a bid uncomfortable, but if you need it - there is at least a way...

installation & requirements
Just copy the apps folder anywhere you like. Stills2Movie doesn't create a settings file.

known bugs & limitations
* The picture view doesn't redraw itself after creating the movie. It's ugly, I know.

* There is no "Stop" button. That's a disappointing one, no?

* The error checking is a bit non-existant, so be sure you use image files for your
input. But nothing will happen if you don't...

Inside: Ingo Weinhold, bonefish@cs.tu-berlin.de
Outside: Stephan Aßmus, gottgeac@linux.zrz.tu-berlin.de

0.1 - First public release.

There will be a full-blown line test application coming from us, so we hope
that updates to Stills2Motion will be obsolete.

Stills2Movie is based on the BitMapWriter sample code. We thank Be, Inc. for providing sample code on how to use the new MediaKit.
Thanks, Till, for heping me finish the GUI!
The icon is from Robin Leach's Icon Inquisition.

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Intel (BeOS 5)     (31.0K)

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