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Version 3.1
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About ProcessController:

As listed originally on Bebits:

About ProcessController:
ProcessController is a deskbar-friendly replicant to screen & control the activity and resources of your system "Live", such as CPU activity & Memory usage.

ProcessController consists of a replicant which can be set to live in the Deskbar, be dropped on the desktop (or any replicant-friendly application). It shows "live" the global activity of your processor(s) and the current memory usage in the form of bars, similar to those of the standard BeOS application "Pulse". You get more from a popup menu available when you click on the display:
Quit any application that is running (both background and non-background BApplications),
Screen the Memory usage of the different teams/applications,
Screen the activity of each individual team & thread graphically and "Live",
Kill any team,
Change the priority of any thread,
Kill any thread,
Start the debugger on a thread, with an intelligent semaphore releasing mecanism,
Turn on & off processors,
Launch a terminal,
Re-launch the Tracker (available if it is not running anymore),
Re-launch the Deskbar (available if it is not running anymore),
Access the documentation, adopt Pulse's colors, install/remove in/from the Deskbar.
ProcessController won BeNews' Guru Award in the category "Best Freeware/Shareware Application".

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3.1 Intel (BeOS 5)     (254.6K)

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