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Version 1.71
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About ImageGrinder:

ImageGrinder v1.71
Copyright 2001 by Hailstone Software
This program is designed to process through a batch of images and
perform multiple operations on these images.

Some Features:

- Process hundreds if not thousands of images in one batch, just set
up your parameters and let it rip.
- Input/Output images from/to any format that you have a supported
translator for.
- Drag-n-Drop of individual files and/or folders (including symbolic
link folders) from a Tracker window.
- Option to overwrite or preserve existing files with same name in
output directory.
- Option to maintain directory structure of converted images.
- Option to change output file icon to the image it contains.
- Option to rename the base name of images upon conversion.
- Option to rename the extension of images upon conversion.
- Option to filter out non-image files based on MIME type. Which only
allows files with a supertype of 'image'Â to be added to the list.
- Built in image viewer to view an individual image in the batch and apply,
the active filters to this image.
- Has a plug-in API so 3rd parties can add their own filters.
The included filters are:
- blurring of the image(s).
- changing the brightness of the image(s).
- cropping the image(s).
- detecting edges within image(s).
- flipping the image(s) upside down.
- converting the image(s) to grey scale (aka black and white).
- mirroring the image(s).
- making the image(s) into a negative.
- resizing the image(s) to a specified size.
- rotating the image(s) clockwise and counter clockwise in 90 degree
- increase or decrease the image(s) by a scaling factor.
- ability to place a watermark on the image(s).
- oil filter. (a very slow filter on large images)
- cutcircle filter.
- melt filter. (a very slow filter on large images)
- worn filter.
- tile filter.
- slicer filter.
- shear filter.
- laplacian filter.
- enhanceedges filter.
- sharpen filter.
- emboss filter.
- wave filter.

For information on the use and registration of ImageGrinder run ImageGrinder
and click on the Documentation item in the help menu. This will open up a Net
Positive window with the documentation.

To read the changes from the previous versions please read "release notes" which
is located in the same directory as this file.

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Intel (BeOS5 +)     (616.0K)

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