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  S3 Trio64 Driver
Version 1.1
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About S3 Trio64 Driver:

S3 Trio64(V+ and V2/[GX,DX]) Graphics Driver for BeOS

Version 1.1, August 1st, 1999


This is an experimental freeware graphics driver for S3 Trio64V+, Trio64V2/GX, and Trio64V2/DX chipsets. It is written for the Intel R4.5 of BeOS.


From a Terminal window, run the setup script provided with this package. Your system will have to be rebooted for the driver to be loaded. I recommend printing these instructions to use as a reference before reboot.

If the driver does not work correctly but works well enough to see what you are doing in a Terminal, run the remove script provided with this package to remove the driver. If the driver works so poorly that you cannot see your desktop well enough to run the remove script, do the following to boot in the safe graphics mode and then run the remove script.

1) Reboot
2) Press the space bar when the BeOS splash screen appears to enter the boot menu
3) Select the safe mode options on the menu
4) Select the fail-safe graphics mode option
5) Select return to main menu
6) Select the continue booting option
7) After the system completes booting, run the remove script to remove the driver


Be sure to know the limitations of your monitor. Using the higher resolutions and screen refresh rates could result in permanent damage. I'm happy to help bring the BeOS to you in color, but the last thing I want is for you to damage your hardware.

Known Problems

Making this driver work with different video boards which utilize these graphics chipsets has been quite a challenge. Some implementations of the Trio64V+ cause the system to halt at point when the screen is blank.&nbps; If you would like to help me debug this situation please let me know.


Please forward feedback/problem descriptions to Tom Sabourin. I'm new at this sort of thing, so please be specific. I'll try to be as responsive as possible (I have to keep my day job). I would even appreciate knowing if this driver works successfully for you and what video hardware you have.


1.0 Beta July 16th, 1999 Beta R4.5 Release
1.1 Beta July 27th, 1999 Beta R4.5 Update
1.1 August 1, 1999 R4.5 General Release

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Intel (BeOS 4.5)     (24.9K)

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