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Version 0.97
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About Z-Viewer:

Z-Viewer is an animated zoomable image viewer. Z-Viewer was greatly inspired by ACDSee for Win9x, with emphasis on ease of use - easy slide show based
image navigation and an easily accessable zoom feature. To use Z-Viewer, simply access a directory with images, and navigate with the following keys:

+ Zoom in
- Zoom out
Del Image Smoothing
Ins Toggle Animation
* Resize to window
PgUp Previous Image in Directory
PgDn Next Image in Directory
Home First Image in List
End Last Image in List
Cursor Scroll enlarged image
Enter Center image.

Z-Viewer works best when using the numpad (disable num-lock).

Z-Viewer is currently at version 0.96 (Mar 2001). I'm sure that the BeOS community will enjoy using Z-Viewer in its current form, and provide
feedback to the developer (thats me!!) so that I may make Z-Viewer the best application it can be.

Whats new?
- Automatic animations - bring images to life. **Feedback needed for animation**. Animation support was trivial to implement thanks to the BeAPI, but I'm suprised that noone has tried this before. Animations really do bring static images to life, and I might even make a screen saver out of Z-Viewer (make an email request). So, what does the community think?
- Miscellanoues fixes

What will be added (and fixed)?
- Limit scrolling of zoomed image to avoid temporary corruption of display.
Allow user to adjust zoom factor, number of frames, image zoom limits etc.
- Image rotation (90,180,270). Anyone care to lend an algorithm?
- Drag/drop support.
- Region clipping - save to clipboard etc like a real BeOS app should do.
- Image conversion (and saving) via build in Translators
- Thumbnails
- Screensaver
- Thats about it. Z-Viewer's primary goal is to be an easy to use image viewer - feature bloat will be sacrificed in order to achieve small file size and small footprint.

Z-Viewer is FREEWARE. The source is included, feel free to use, adapt, modify, strip, etc (dont forget to give credit where credit is due). Kudos to Be Inc. for providing a great API and sample code (and a great OS).

Zenja Solaja, Mar 25 2001
Melbourne, Australia


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0.97 Intel (BeOS 5)     (34.3K)
0.96 + Source Code     (57.6K)

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