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Version 1.0
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About ClockSaver:

This is screensaver which shows usual clock-face with current time.

To install saver simply drop executable file AnalogClockSaver to symbolic link Drop AnalogClockSaver here.

Program is worked out for BeOS of version 5.X.X and x86 hardware platform.

2. Conditions of using and distributing program
Analog Clock Saver is freeware program.

You may:

Use and distribute it free (files AnalogClockSaver and AnalogClockSaver.html with or without symbolic link).
Learn resources of executable file with QuickRes and the like tools, structure of help file using tools for it.
You may not:

Sell program, make money of direct using program in any other way.
Distribute files AnalogClockSaver and AnalogClockSaver.html separately one from other.
Change them on purpose.
Distribute them if they were changed.
You use program in your own risk. Author does not take responsibility for any result of using or not using program.

3. Files of program
Analog Clock Saver is distributed as zip archive file AnalogClockSaver.zip. This archive contains such files:

File name Size, bytes Description

AnalogClockSaver 23 875 Screensaver executable file
AnalogClockSaver.html 3 131 readme file
Drop AnalogClockSaver here --- Symbolic link to directory /boot/home/config/add-ons/Screen Savers where it is necessary to copy executable file.
4. About program

Analog Clock Saver v. 1.0
by Alexey V. Sarikov.
Kherson, Ukraine, 2002.
E-mail: avix@ukrpost.net.
Home page: http://avix.narod.ru.

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Intel (BeOS 5)     (10.6K)

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