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About BeBeeb:

BeBeeb - A BBC Micro Emulator

Author: James Fidell
BeOS port: Jonathan Belson


This program is a port of James Fidell's xbeeb, which provides a reasonably faithful emulation of Acorn's BBC Micro Model B.

To use it, you will need two ROM images from a real BBC micro (no, I can't provide them); look in the roms subdirectory for more information.


The emulator itself should be pretty much self-explanatory, the only things that should be bourne in mind is that the BREAK key is mapped to F12, and COPY is mapped to the Insert key.

To perform a hard reset of the emulated machine, use the 'Reset emulator' menu item. This is equivalent to turning the machine off then on again.

Current problems : the Caps Lock key requires a *double* press to operate correctly, ie. to change from upper case to lower case, press it twice. Problems can arise if you press 'BREAK' when the Caps key is 'half pressed'.

Disk Handling

To mount a disk image, select the directory containing the files via the menu option. An example 'disk' is provided in the form of xdfs-demo.

To play game snapshots available from eg. the 'BBC Lives' web page, perform the following actions: (assuming a file called 'game.zip')

1. Make a directory called eg. 'game'.

2. Unzip the archive into it. Each file in the archive consists of two parts, one with and one without a '.inf' extension

3. Use the 'bbcim' program to create a virtual disk-

bbcim -x dummy file1 file2 file3...

where file1, file2 etc are the names of the files without the '.inf' extension.

4. Load the '__CATALOG__' file into an editor and add a line at the very top that says '0 0'.

You should now be able to load the directory as a disk.

Game Images

For BBC game images, try the BBC Lives page.
Contact Info

If you find any problems or have any suggestions, please feel free to get in touch:

jon@dookie.demon.co.uk Jonathan Belson

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