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About BeBeebEm:

BeBeebEm - Release 1 (1999.05.09)


BeBeebEm is a port of the UNIX emulator BeBeeb, which
allows you to emulate a BBC Micro model B on your


BeOS R4 for x86
ROM images from a BBC Micro
A graphics card who's driver supports BWIndowScreen


Rename the ROM images to 'basic', 'os12' and 'dnfs' if required.
Place them in subdirectory 'beebfile'.
You should now be able to start the emulator.


The emulator should behave in most repects like a BBC Micro.
There are some minor additions to make the emulator more useful:

o The left hand 'Windows' key and the Alt key next to it duplicate
the Ctrl/Caps Lock combination that a lot of games use.

o Page Up/Page Down allow you to adjust the vertical position
of the screen as required.

o 'Copy' is mapped to 'Insert'.

Disc Images

If you want to play all those classic BBC games then you'll need to
learn how to use disc images.

BeebEm uses a single file to emulate a floppy disc. These files
can be created/modified with the utility 'bbcim' which is supplied
with this archive.

To create a disc image:

bbcim -new mydisk.ssd

To add a file to it:

bbcim -a mydisk.ssd file1 file2 file3...

By default the disc image used is 'discims/test.ssd'. There are currently
two ways to change the disc:

You can make a soft link from another disc file to 'test.ssd'.

You can change the environmental variable 'BeebDiscLoad0' to another
value, eg.

export BeebDiscLoad0="S:80:discims/myotherdisc.ssd'

For disc images and more information, see Robert Schimdt's
excellent 'BBC Lives' webpage

Known Bugs/To Do

If the emulator can't find the disc file when you try to access it, the
emulator hangs.

Arcadians crashes the emulator.

Speed throttling seems to be broken/missing.

A gui would make things much easier for the user.


BeOS port by Jonathan Belson

Latest Version

Details about this version:
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Intel (BeOS R4) + Source     (181.7K)

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