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Version 0.9.3
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About BeSMSPlus:

SMS Plus

Version 0.9.3
by Charles Mac Donald

What's New

[Version 0.9.3]

- Stereo Game Gear sound.
- Save states, 10 per game.
- Sound logging, output is .GYM compatible.
- Optimized memory access for improved speed.
- Screen snapshots in PCX format.
- Stereo swap option for left and right speakers.
- Added FPS meter.
- Added some option toggle keys for in-game configuration.
- Definable video driver.
- Tweaked display modes for full-screen gameplay.
- More of the usual internal changes and bug fixes.

[Version 0.9.2]

- Digital YM2413 FM sound emulation. Drums sound real good, too.
- System territory switch, default is overseas (Europe / USA)
- Made some internal changes and clean-ups to the source code.
- Revised document on porting to be actually useful.
- Adjusted version number to stay in sync with the Macintosh port.
- Support for ZIPped game images and games with 512-byte headers.
- Screen expansion now works for 16-bit displays.
- Fixed some centering problems with screen expansion on GG games.
- Sound output using SEAL should be a bit clearer.
- Configuration file support.

[Version 0.9]

Everything has been rewritten from scratch. The emulation is much more
accurate, as a result compatability has improved greatly.

The DOS port has a lot of nice features added, including 16-bit color,
display blurring, digital sound emulation, and scanlines, which were the
most requested items.

Also new is a Sony Playstation port, though it's highly experimental
and has some serious performance issues.

SMS Plus is now free software; the source code is available for anyone
to use as they see fit, and is distributed under the terms of the GNU
General Public License.



You'll need at least a Pentium 133, a VGA compatible display card,
and optionally a joystick and sound card.

Controls are as follows:

Arrow Keys - Directional pad
Control - Button II
Alt - Button I
Enter - Start (GG) / PAUSE (SMS)
Tab - Soft reset (SMS) / Hard reset (GG)
Delete - Hard reset
Esc/End - Exit program
0-9 - Select save state slot
Backspace - Start/stop music logging.

F1-F4 - Set frameskip level (F1 = no skip ... F4 = skip 3 frames)
F5 - Save state file from current slot
F6 - Cycle through state slots (0-9)
F7 - Save state file to current slot
F8 - Make PCX screen snapshot
F9 - Toggle VSync
F10 - Toggle speed throttling
F11 - Toggle FPS meter

You can only support a second player if you are using a joystick driver
that supports more than one joystick. (e.g. Sidewinder, dual pads, etc.)

Type 'sp -help' on the command line for a list of useful options.

-res set the display resolution.
-vdriver specify video driver.
-depth specify color depth. (8, 16)
-blur blur display. (16-bit color only)
-scanlines use scanlines effect.
-tweak force tweaked 256x192 or 160x144 8-bit display.
-scale scale display to full resolution. (slow)
-expand force 512x384 or 400x300 zoomed display.
-nommx disable use of MMX instructions.
-novga disable use of VGA vertical scaling with '-expand'.
-vsync wait for vertical sync before blitting.
-throttle limit updates to 60 frames per second.
-fps show FPS meter.
-sound enable sound. (force speed throttling)
-sndrate specify sound rate. (8000, 11025, 22050, 44100)
-sndcard specify sound card. (0-7)
-swap swap left and right stereo output.
-joy specify joystick type.
-jp use Japanese console type.
-fm required to enable YM2413 sound.

Here is a list of all the video drivers you can pass as a parameter
to the '-vdriver' option:

auto, safe, vga, modex, vesa2l, vesa3, vbeaf

Here is a list of all the joystick drivers you can pass as a parameter
to the '-joy' option:

auto, none, standard, 2pads, 4button, 6button, 8button, fspro, wingex,
sidewinder, gamepadpro, grip, grip4, sneslpt1, sneslpt2, sneslpt3,
psxlpt1, psxlpt2, psxlpt3, n64lpt1, n64lpt2, n64lpt3, db9lpt1, db9lpt2,
db9lpt3, tglpt1, tglpt2, tglpt3, wingwar, segaisa, segapci, segapci2

If you use the expand option without scanlines, and the display looks
squashed vertically, then also use the '-novga' switch.

You can disable MMX use with the '-nommx' switch.

You can put any commandline option into a plain text file which should
be called "sp.cfg". Put one option per line, please. Command line options
will override anything in the configuration file.

Battery back-up RAM and save states are saved to the same directory as the
game you loaded. Thi

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