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Version 0.8.28
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About E-UAE:

E-UAE 0.8.28

This is a fork of UAE, the Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator, with an emulation core
based on WinUAE. It attempts to bring many of the great features of WinUAE
to non-Windows platforms. This version now finally has a name, E-UAE, since
that's what everybody was calling it anyway. The 'E' can stand for anything
you fancy. Experimental, extreme, exciting, egalitarian, eggplant, . . .

Currently it will build and run (with a varying degree of supported
features) on Linux and other Unices, Mac OS X, BeOS, AmigaOS itself
(either for 68k machines or PPC machines with OS4.0) and the AmigaOS clones
AROS and MorphOS. OS X requires either LibSDL or an X server for graphics
output, but native graphics are supported on AmigaOS and BeOS, although, at
the moment, SDL is also preferred on BeOS since the native driver is

E-UAE is open-source software and is made available under the terms of the
GPL. See the COPYING file included with the E-UAE archive for details.

E-UAE is based on the work of dozens of contributors including Bernd Schmidt
(the original author and maintainer of UAE), Bernie Meyer (the author of the
x86 JIT compiler), Toni Wilen (the current maintainer of WinUAE), and many

To make full use of E-UAE you will need access to an image of some version
of the Amiga Kickstart ROM (although UAE does include a ROM emulation which
may work with some old games). The Amiga Kickstart ROMs are copyrighted
material and may not be freely distributed (so don't ask me for a copy). If
you don't have an Amiga from which you can legally make a ROM image, a
selection of ROM images are available for purchase online from Cloanto
(publishers of the Amiga Forever distribution). See

Still to do

The following features of WinUAE are not supported:

* Serial and parallel port emulation.
* AHI soundcard emulation.
* Catweasel support.
* OpenGL rendering and graphics filters.
* Snapshots
* Floppy drive sounds.
* Everything else that I've forgotten about.

Known problems

Some significant misfeatures that I know about and am working to fix:

* Only platforms supporting the GTK+ toolkit have a useable configuration
GUI (and the GTK+ GUI is still incomplete).
* JIT direct memory access only works on Linux/x86 and, by default, you may
only emulate up to 32MB of direct ZIII RAM; select more than that and the
JIT will fall back on indirect memory access and hence will be slower.
This is due to a system limit on the size of a POSIX shared memory
segment. You can overcome this limit my modifying the value of the procfs
setting, /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax.
* Autoscroll screens are broken in Picasso96 emulation.
* Virtual filesystem doesn't support platforms which use UTF-8 for filenames
(e.g., OS X, Linux with a UTF-8 locale, etc.). Filenames with characters
outside of the core ASCII range will be mangled.
* Hard files are limited to 2GB in size.
* Full documentation is lacking.

Using E-UAE

Documentation is a work-in-progress. See the docs directory.

Compiling E-UAE yourself

See the docs/compiling.txt file for more information about building E-UAE.


Details about how to access the CVS repository containing the current
development version of E-UAE can be found at:



See http://www.freelists.org/list/uae for details of a mailing list
discussing problems with and development of E-UAE.

Send bug reports, comments, patches, etc. to the above list or to:
Richard Drummond

Latest Version

Details about this version:

* Many core emulation changes and fixes merged from WinUAE 1.0.
* Optimized interpretive 68k emulation with speed improvements of up to 30%.
* Fixes for building with GCC 4.0.
* Fixes for building on 64-bit hosts such as the AMD64.
* Option not to use the CPU&squo;s time-stamp counter for synchronization on x86,
AMD64 and PPC machines (generally you will want to).
* Fixed virtual filesystem bug that was causing IBrowse to crash.
* Improved &squo;new&squo; bsdsocket emulation (and it now works on OS X and on
AMD64/Linux too).
* Better screenmode support in SDL graphics driver.
* X11 driver supports raw key-mapping for xfree86 keycodes.
* Documentation updates (thanks to Henrik Farre for documenting the
command-line options).

* Faster start-up on x86 systems (it&squo;s no longer necessary to perform
TSC calibration at start-up).

Intel (BeOS 5) + SDL     (1.1M)
Intel (BeOS 5)     (1.1M)

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