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Version 1.41
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About BeS9x:

BeS9x (Super Nintendo Emulator) : Snes9x BeOS Port version 1.41-1

Make sure that you disable any unused Joystick ports with no pads connected to them,
BJoystick reports joysticks on these ports when there are none attached. Also be aware that
if your using the PCI-Gameport driver, that if you open another application that uses a Joystick,
and close that application then all joysticks are closed, so resulting in erratic controls in other apps. All other joystick drivers such as usb_joy do not show this behaviour.

How To Disable Non existent Joysticks:
To disable any joystick ports with no joysticks connected to them, go to the Deskbar Menu then highlight Preferences and then select Joysticks, highlight any joysticks under the Game Port list and click the disabled checkbox for any or all of these ports if there is are no joysticks connected to these ports of course.

This is a BeOS port of the excellent Snes emulator Snes9x.
Information about the authors of Snes9x's emulation core can be found at http://www.snes9x.com.
BeOS port coded by me Carwyn Jones...., code from Unix, Win32 Snes9x ports has been used in the BeOS port where useful.

BeOS specific changes in version 1.41-1:
Standard DrawBitmap option for compatibility purposes
Overlay, Bitmap, DirectWindow all in one.
Vertical Sync option
Extended Height option
Save Spc option
Modified and improved RGB16->YCbCr422 conversion.
Various internal changes

See Changes.txt for core changes.

BeOS port Features:
MMX DirectWindow Support
B_YCbCr422 Overlay Support
Normal Mode for cards that do not support DirectWindow in windowed mode.
2x scaling modes, scanlines, 2xsai and so on.
Vertical Sync
Refresh Rate selection for fullscreen
Controller configuration.
Load/Save State
Automatic Hires support in scanlines, lcd and double modes for Chrono Trigger and so on.

Keys, Various info:
Go to the Options Menu, then Controls to configure your keys, joysticks etc
Alt-1 ShowFrameRate
Alt-7 Change controller type, mouse, superscope etc.
Alt-F will switch to-from FullScreen
Alt-M Mute
Alt-P Pause Emulation
Alt-R Reset
Alt-S Save Spc
Save game and snapshot files are saved in /boot/home/config/settings/snapshots/
F1 .. F5 SaveState
F6 .. F10 LoadState
TAB - Fast Forward, can be used to skip intros.

Refresh Rate - This allows you to choose the fullscreen refresh rate, a higher refresh rate means that there is a reduced chance of tearing artifacts, the selected refresh rate is not saved when the application is closed, the same refresh rate may also be repeated in the menu selection, this is normal. A Refresh Rate of 60hz is used as default by BeS9x.

Snooze - When snooze is enabled cpu usage is reduced, however on low end machines this option can be disabled to give more cpu to the application and boost performance.

Vsync - This option is used to synchronize the screen update to your monitor's vertical sync, this option can be used to prevent tearing artifacts on the screen if you graphics card driver supports it, this option can be useful in a fullscreen 60hz mode. This option can cause a performance drop but turning snooze off can help in this case. Using Vsync only makes sense with a 60hz refresh rate as this is the update cycle in BeS9x.

Joysticks Enabled - This option enables/disables Joystick input in the Controller configuration dialogs, it has been added because of a BeOS bug which involves non existent joysticks giving out rogue information because they don't exist.

BeOS Thanks to:
Christian Corona for his excellent feedback and bug reports, creating the icon for BeS9x and many other interface ideas.
GoodOldGames, the top guy at BeEmulated or is he the top guy at OCP.
Jack Burton

General thanks to:
The Snes9x team for creating a superb Snes emulator.
Derek Liauw Kie Fa for his excellent 2xSaI graphics routines.

Bugs and Feedback:
I know most of the bugs but if you find a bug or have some feedback then send an email to the address below. When using 2xsai modes, deactivating/activating the window will fix any glitches in these modes. There was an option that someone asked for to do with pausing when a menu was selected, this option is not available as it didn't work 100% consistently.

Performance Tips for low end PC's:
Use a 16bit desktop.
Turn off Snooze so Snes9x can use as much cpu as possible.

Minimum Specs and Requirements:
Pentium with MMX needed
DirectWindow window/fullscreen graphics card support


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Intel (BeOS 5)     (648.7K)
Source Code     (1.4M)

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