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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About BeGUI:

I have attempted to zip this up with links preserved. If for some reason the BeGUI header files seem not to be found, you may have to re-make the links. Simply open the BeGUIlib directory, select all the .h header files and create links for all of them in both the PrefsEDgar and ResEDgar directories.

I have tested the PPC script here on my BeBox. The x86 script should work just fine as well. These will all compile under r4 or above. Due to cercumstances beyond my control, I am unable to compile and link with optimization levels other than NONE or warning levels other than NONE. Depending upon your platform and OS version you may want to change all the makefiles to FULL optimization and ALL warnings.

This BeGUI directory may be placed anywhere. Open a Terminal and ce to this BeGUIdirectory then type:
if on a BeBox or Mac (PPC)

if on x86 (intel compatible)

If you have any problems or questions please email me at:


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PPC / Intel (BeOS R4)     (864.6K)

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