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  Wacom USB
Version 2.0
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About Wacom USB:

An input_server add-on for Wacom USB tablets.
(PenPartner, Graphire and Intuos, Graphire2, Intuos2, PL-series)
Copyright 2000,2002 by Olaf van Es and Frans van Nispen.

This program is freeware and comes without any warranty.
If you want to put this program on a cd / coverdisk I want a copy.

From the beosreadylist supported
USB Controllers and Peripherals:
UHCI-based controllers (Intel PIIX4 and Via chipsets)

This means that certain USB controllers are not (yet) supported by Be. So if you don't see
any entries in /dev/bus/usb/ you are out of luck.
To check: open a terminal window (applications / Terminal) and type behind the $ prompt
ls -R /dev/bus/usb/

Known bugs:
-the need to kill the mouse task.
if you have a real USB Mouse then you might need to edit the
scripts to kill "USB Mouse 2" or something like that.
check with from Terminal with
$ ps | grep USB

Questions etc? mail me:

Olaf van Es

Frans van Nispen

Latest Version

Details about this version:
Extended the list of supported devices to work with the Refraction Imaging
package for BeOS by Xentronix.
Works with wacom usb tablets connected on port /dev/bus/usb/*/*/*
where * is 0 to 2 or 9.

How to install:

1) Remove old versions of penpartner_usb, graphire_usb or intuos_usb
from the devices dir.

2) Move / copy the wacom_usb add-on to the
directory (a link is provided)

3) Restart the input_server (click on the restart input_server script)

4) Since the tablet is still being picked up by the mouse server
(you&squo;ll see the pointer jumping around the screen)
You&squo;ll have to kill the &dquo;USB Mouse 1&dquo; task.

I think I know how to fix this but it will take some time...

5) In the mean time you can put the line:
kill &dquo;USB Mouse 1&dquo;
in the UserBootscript.

Intel (BeOS 5)     (17.9K)
1.0 Intel (BeOS 5)     (17.9K)

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