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  Tablet Driver
Version 0.32
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About Tablet Driver:


Version 0.32
22 Dec 2001

by Sander Stoks
© 2000 - 2001 Sum Software

This input_server add-on and the accompanying Tablet preferences application are for driving Wacom tablets in the BeOS.

Supported Models

The driver supports Wacom tablets using the Wacom IV protocol as well as the newer Graphire tablets (both serial and USB), and Acecad AceCat III serial tablets. The driver supports pressure sensitivity and all the switches; tilt data and menu keys are presently ignored. Tablets known to work:

• Wacom UltraPad series (UD-type tablets)
• Wacom PenPartner tablets (CT-type tablets)
• Wacom Graphire tablets (serial and USB) (ET-type tablets)
• Acecad AceCat III tablets (serial)
• Aiptek HyperPen 6000 tablets (serial) (also known as Lifetec, Aiptek, or Medion)

Untested but may work (please let us know):

• Wacom ArtPad series (KT-type tablets)
• Wacom Intuos (serial and USB) (GD-type tablets)
• Acecad Flair tablets


Simply drag the binaries to the designated folders in the TabletDriver install directory. These are symbolic links to ~/config/add-ons/input_server/devices and ~/config/be/Preferences, respectively, so the Tablet preferences application will show up in the Preferences menu.

Note that this driver is identical to the one distributed in the Becasso 2.0 package.

After installing, you can open the Tablet preferences application to restart the input_server, which will immediately enable the tablet.

Important Notes:

On some systems, BeOS mouse support is not optimal. The symptoms are that you need to "wiggle" the mouse during boot for it to be recognized. This is actually a problem of the input_server initialization, so when you click on the "Restart input_server" button in the Tablet preferences app, this will lead to the same symptoms.

Trouble Shooting

In the case you have misconfigured the Tablet preferences and are stuck with an unmovable mouse cursor after every boot, switching off (or unplugging) the tablet before booting should bypass the driver in most cases. However, in the rare case that you have specified a serial port which has another device connected to it which happens to respond to the tablet driver's querying in a manner which confuses the tablet driver, you can hand-edit the settings file in ~/config/settings/Tablet_Settings. This is a human-readable text file in which you can manually change the serial port the tablet driver looks at.


This tablet driver and the accompanying tablet preferences application come as is, without any warranty. They are free software and you are allowed to distribute both applications under the provision that no changes are made to them and only the original ZIP file is distributed; not separate parts of it's contents. Sum Software accepts no liability for any damage occurring as a result of the use, or mis-use, of this software. Use it at your own risk.

UltraPad, Graphire, Intuos, and PenPartner are registered trademarks of Wacom, Inc. The Graphire protocol had not been formally published at the time of this writing, and has been obtained under NDA.

Thanks go to Eric Tiggemann for providing an Aiptek HyperPen 6000 serial loan tablet, to Joachim Seemer and Charlie Clark for providing a Wacom Graphire USB loan tablet, to Aiptek for providing specifications, and to Wacom for providing an UltraPad A5 loan tablet and for providing specifications.

The author can be reached at tablet@sumware.demon.nl.

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