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  USB IntelliMouse
Version 1.01
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About USB IntelliMouse:

Original work by Jim Mussared - jim@mussared.ii.net
Modifications by Michael Davidson - slaad@bong.com.au


For Microsoft and Logitech USB mice, both optical and standard.
Supports standard 3 buttons, wheel and up to two additional buttons (more in future versions).
Tested on Microsoft intelliMouse optical and Logitech USB mice.
Fully customizable button-actions.
Button mapping - allowing support for left and right handed users.
Horizontal scrolling - hold B_COMMAND_KEY (defaults ot ALT) whilst scrolling

Run the install.sh script by double-clicking it in Tracker.
Follow the instructions in the messages that will pop up.

Run the uninstall.sh script.
Whats this about removing the original Be driver and loosing support for PS/2 mice?

The installer will warn you that once this driver is installed, support for PS/2 mice on your system will be removed. This is because the driver that comes with BeOS handles both PS/2 and USB mice.
Be's USB driver needs to be disabled in order for the intelliMouse driver to work, so this means also disabling the PS/2 driver. I'm working on a replacement standalone PS/2 driver, which should be ready for the next version. However, this replacement PS/2 driver will only be able to provide the features provided by Be's existing driver, and will not work as a replacement for this intelliMouse USB driver.


Each button on your mouse has an action assigned to it. That action can be one of the standard mouse button actions (primary, secondary and tertiary mouse clicks) or an action that this driver can provide. Each button corresponds with a letter in the diagram in the preferences app. For non-Microsoft mice, button A corresponds to the left button, B the right button, C the wheel button, D the first additional button and E the second additional button.
** Note: The mouse in the diagram in the preferences app is a Microsoft intelliMouse Explorer, however the letters are arranged corresponding to the buttons on an intelliMouse Optical. Button E infact should also be on the left hand side. **

The preferences app also lets you configure the mouse speed and double click speed for your mouse. However these settings are identical to the ones in the normal Mouse Prefs shipped with BeOS and either prefs app can be used to set mouse speed and double click speed.

A brief description of the extra actions that can be chosen:
Cut/Copy/Paste: Selecting any of these performs that action when the corresponding button is clicked.
Launch App: Pops up a box that lets you type the path (or click "Browse") to an application that will be launched when that button is clicked. Note: You may also specify command line arguments.
Eg: "/boot/beos/apps/NetPositive http://www.bebits.com/"
Open File: Pops up a box that lets you type the path (or click "Browse") to a file that will be opened by its preferred application when that button is clicked.
Enter/Spacebar: Simulates that key being pressed when that button is clicked. Useful to select the default button on an alertbox without moving the mouse. :)
Insert String: Pops up a box to let you type in a string which will be inserted at the cursor-point whenever that button is clicked.
Next/Prev Workspace: Change forward and backwards through workspaces.
Minimize App/All: Minimize all the windows for the current application, or minimize all windows for all running applications.
Net+ : Control the most recently focused Net+ window.
CL-Amp : Control CL-Amp. Note: You must have clr installed in ~/config/bin
Soundplay : Control soundplay. Note: You must have spctrl installed in ~/config/bin/
Nothing: Does nothing - ie: Unassigned button
Your changes will come into action as soon as you click "Save" (no restart of the input server is required). To restore settings to how they were last time you saved, click "Revert", or to set the default settings (normal primary, secondary and tertiary assignment, and nothing for D and E) click "Default".
Planned Features:

Improvements to preferences app: Breaking the action menu into submenus, and more awareness of other mice than the Microsoft ones.
Support for mice with more than 2 additional buttons.
A feature similar to in some Logitech drivers for windows, where clicking combinations of buttons can do extra functions.
Support for mouse accelleration.

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Intel (BeOS 5)     (185.7K)

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