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About BeMAME:

M.A.M.E. - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
Copyright (C) 1997, 1998, 1999 by Nicola Salmoria and the MAME team

Please note that many people helped with this project, either directly or by
releasing source code that was used to write the drivers. We are not trying to
appropriate merit that isn't ours. See the acknowledgments section for a list
of contributors, however please note that the list is largely incomplete. See
also the CREDITS section in the emulator to see the people who contributed to a
specific driver. Again, that list might be incomplete. We apologize in advance
for any omission.

All trademarks cited in this document are property of their respective owners.

Usage and Distribution License

I. Purpose
MAME is strictly a no profit project. Its main purpose is to be a reference
to the inner workings of the emulated arcade machines. This is done for
educational purposes and to preserve many historical games from the oblivion
they would sink into when the hardware they run on will stop working.
Of course to preserve the games you must also be able to actually play them;
you can see that as a nice side effect.
It is not our intention to infringe any copyrights or patents pending on the
original games. All of the source code is either our own or freely
available. To work, the emulator requires ROMs of the original arcade
machines, which must be provided by the user. No portion of the code of the
original ROMs is included in the executable.

II. Cost
MAME is free. The source code is free. Selling it is not allowed.

III. ROM Images
ROM images are copyrighted material, and most of them cannot be distributed
freely. Distribution of MAME on the same physical medium as illegal copies
of ROM images is strictly forbidden.
You are not allowed to distribute MAME in any form if you sell, advertise or
publicize illegal CD-ROMs or other media containing ROM images. Note that
the restriction applies even if you don't directly make money out of that.
You are allowed to make ROMs and MAME available for download on the same web
site, but only if you warn users about the copyright status of the ROMs and
make it clear that they must not download the ROMs unless they are entitled
to do so.

IV. Source Code Distribution
If you distribute the binary, you should also distribute the source code. If
you can't do that, you must provide a pointer to a place where the source
can be obtained.

V. Distribution Integrity
This chapter applies to the official MAME distribution. See below for
limitations on the distribution of derivative works.
MAME must be distributed only in the original archives. You are not allowed
to distribute a modified version, nor to remove and/or add files to the

VI. Reuse of Source Code
This chapter might not apply to specific portions of MAME (e.g. CPU
emulators) which bear different copyright notices.
The source code cannot be used in a commercial product without a written
authorization of the authors. Use in non commercial products is allowed and
indeed encouraged; however if you use portions of the MAME source code in
your program, you must make the full source code freely available as well.
Usage of the _information_ contained in the source code is free for any use.
However, given the amount of time and energy it took to collect this
information, we would appreciate if you made the additional information you
might have freely available as well.

VII. Derivative Works
Derivative works are allowed (provided source code is available), but
discouraged: MAME is a project continuously evolving, and you should, in
your best interest, submit your contributions to the development team, so
that they are integrated in the main distribution.
There are a certain number of drivers in the source which are disabled in
the official distribution. Enabling them is NOT considered a derivative
work, and distribution of executables with those drivers enabled is strictly

How to Contact Us

The official MAME home page is http://mame.retrogames.com/. You can always
find the latest release there, including beta versions and information on
things being worked on. Also, a totally legal and free ROM set of Robby
Roto is available on the same page.

If you have bugs to report, check the MAME Testing Project at

Here are some of the people contributing to MAME. If you have comments,
suggestions or bug reports about an existing driver, check the driver's Credits
section to find who has worked on it, and send comments to that person. If you
are not sure who to contact, write to Nicola. If you have comments specific to
a system other than DOS (e.g. Mac, Win32, Unix), they should be sent to the
respective port maintainer (check the documentation to know who he is). DON'T
SEND THEM TO NICOLA - they will be ignored.

Nicola Salmoria MC6489@mclink.it

Mike Balfour mab22@po

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x86, BeOS     (2.8M)
x86, BeOS (Source)     (4.3M)

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