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Version 2.1
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About WriteCD:

WriteCD 2.0

After a trip to the depths of BFS death, WriteCD is back!

New in this version:
- The ability to directly copy CD's (Thanks AnEvilYak)
- More explanatory Alert boxes
- Config files in their own sub directory
- Automagicly links the Terminal for you

_-= Instructions =-_

1) Move the contents of the directory Stuff to move to the folder that says * Move files here

2) Place the MakeCD and Configure MakeCD where ever you want them.

3) Run Configure MakeCD and follow the directions

5) After completing the configuration, run MakeCD, and it will prompt you. Follow the instructions, and all will go well.

_-= Contact =-_

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, the normal, just spam me at dykstraz@central.edu. I'll try and respond, but I can be slow. I'm a full time college bum.

_-= Thanks =-_

Scot Hacker - With out his help and suggestions, WriteCD 2.0 wouldn't exsist. Code, lotsa goodies, and a bit of slapping around. Just kidding....

AnEvilYak (efnet) - Gave me the hint about changing the size of the block being copied, speeding up the cd duplication by a bunch.

mneptok (efnet) - Loud, weird, got me a replacement R5 cd. (yes, he works for Gobe, calm down)

Jim Strickland - Beta testing, caught all the little errors I missed.

_-= Disclaimer =-_

No warrenty is expressed, implied, or any of that crap. If it fails, and screws your machine up, i'm sorry. I've taken the steps to test this, and it works as far as I can tell. If you trash 20 years of research, tough cookies, don't blame me.

9/18/00 - Zach Dykstra (dykstraz@central.edu)

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Intel (BeOS 5)     (12.1K)

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