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  DualHead Setup
Version 0.04
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About DualHead Setup:

This is a tool to accompany the unified Haiku Matrox and nVidia drivers. If you find any problems please send a bug report to Rudolf: info.be-hold@inter.nl.net. It is a quick hack to replace the screen prefs and enable use of dual head modes. I am sure you can figure out how to use it, so won't insult your intelligence. However if you have problems, please feel free to e-mail me.

The current version (0.04) of DualHeadSetup has been developed alongside/for Haiku Matrox driver 0.22 and Haiku nVidia driver 0.61. It will probably work OK with older versions of these drivers, but optimal comfort will be reached with the mentioned versions or higher.

This application works with the modelines as exported by the driver in use, alongside some application internal modelines for various TVout modes: These internal modes adhere to the same logic as the modes from the driver do. No extra functionality for creating/modifying modelines is included in the application. This means you cannot set custom refreshrates (via a slider), and modes/refreshrates/colordepths are listed in the order as exported by the driver. If the application detects an 'unknown' mode following these rules, it will come up with a known default modesetting onscreen. You'll probably notice this mostly for refreshrate settings.

Installation - Source version

unzip DualHeadSetup_0.04.zip
cd DualHeadSetup_0.04
Installation - Binary version

Just doubleclick on the 'DualHeadSetup' file to use it. No actual installation is required.
Usage - Version 0.03a include helpful on-screen graphics to aid

Latest Version

Details about this version:
Mode selecting logic.
Here&squo;s the logical order in which to select a new screenmode:
First select the output mode-type you want from the &squo;Output&squo; menu if applicable;
Now select the resolution;
Select the refreshrate;
Select the colordepth;
Select a dualhead or the singlehead option if applicable;
Select TV output head from the &squo;TV head&squo; menu if applicable;
Finally hit the &squo;Test&squo;, &squo;Use&squo; or &squo;Save&squo; button to activate the new mode.
This order of setting a mode is built-in in the application. It&squo;s in the application, because graphics hardware features have certain boundaries that make this order of doing things logical.

More extensive TVout support.

Menu &squo;Output&squo;:
&squo;Monitor&squo; Is just as it was, with the exception of bug-fixes being in place. You&squo;ll notice more extensive and failsafe updating of all mode-related items.

Intel (BeOS 5) + Source     (61.3K)

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