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  LPT Audio Driver
Version 1.0
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About LPT Audio Driver:

What the hech is all this?

You expected a simple sound driver, but found yourself with over 3 MBytes in files downloaded.

Basicly you are still in the right place. However, I did not only want to write a sound driver to solve a problem, I also wanted to understand how sound drivers work. The folders contain most of my development code - cleaned up and commentted as much as possible to help future developers.

I just wanted the sound driver!

Then just open folder #5, double-click 'my_quick_install.sh', and the driver is installed. To make the driver active you can reboot, but the best appoach is to 'open preferences/media' from the deskbar, click on "Audio Settings" then "Restart Media Services". At this point you should be able to chose "Sound Out" from the "Audio Output" drop-down menu. After making this choice you need to "Restart Media Services" again and you should get sound.

Ofcourse, since this is from the parallel port, you first need a simple circuit as is diagrammed in folder #7 attached to the port!

What is the rest of this stuff?

To develop this driver I needed to do a lot of work and also hunt up a lot of information. To help others develop thier own sound drivers for diffirent hardware I included most of my work as a resource for others.

So what is here?

The diffirent folders represent the step by step work needed to help me write a working sound driver.

What is missing?

A lot! First and foremost I have gotten nowhere getting useful information on developing multi-audio drivers. Second, even regular drivers has information missing that is making it hard for me to develop a driver that can support greater than a 16KHz sampling rate out in software that the present software uses. But some sound is better than no sound.

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Intel (BeOS 5) + Source     (2.5M)

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