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Version 1.3
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About FontInspector:

FontInspector displays the full set of characters of any BeOS supported font and allows drag and drop of single characters in any application which supports this function.

It is really useful to see which characters are available in a font and to insert special characters not available on the keyboard.

Using FontInspector is really easy!

There is a single window, which displays 32 characters at the same time.
Use the scrollbar below the characters' display to move among the 65536 characters supported by the Unicode set or the 256 supported by all other encodings available (note that most fonts will support a limited number of characters and will display a rectangle for unsupported characters).
The status field below the scrollbar shows the Unicode value(both in decimal and hexadecimal) and the UTF8 encoding of the character currently under your mouse pointer, which is highlighted in red too. If you select another encoding, FontInspector will show just the decimal and hexadecimal value of the character.

If you want to drag a character to another application, just click with any mouse button on the character you have chosen and drag it.

The file menu contains the usual About and Quit items.
The fonts menu, instead, allows you to select any font currently installed in your system for viewing it in FontInspector.
The encoding menu, finally, allows you to select the encoding to be used to display the font.
If the encoding is set to UTF8 a new menu called Go To is available.
This menu lists all available Unicode 2.0 blocks(a Unicode block is a sequence of characters with common characteristics, such as being the letters of an alphabet) for easier searching inside the big number of UTF8 characters.

Latest Version

Details about this version:

Added Go To menu with a list of Unicode 2.0 blocks
Fixed crashes under Zeta
More cleanups and fixes

Intel (BeOS 5)     (42.9K)

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