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Version 0.0.3 beta
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  Submitted by: Wildman

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About YAMAHA YMF754:

YAMAHA YMF754-based sound card device driver & mixer application, Version 0.0.3 beta
Oliver Kuechemann
March 18, 2001 - public release

Added support for YMF744-based cards, since both chipsets are compatible and the only major difference is not an issue when
using the old audio interface under BeOS. So, if you have a Hoontech Digital-XG and V0.0.1 was a nogo for you, test the new version!
Please note: Even though your card uses a YMF744, the driver will still create entries under /dev/audio using the filename ymf754. I think
we can all live with that.

Oh, totally forgot: 4 channel playback is supported now! Sorry, still no multi channel support, rather the possibility to playback wave files
on your front & rear speakers. Look for the 3D sound enhancements and if you were wondering why the old mixer wasn't able to remember
all the settings (rec source, master out, ...) after a restart, simply check the option 'overwrite system mixer' in the new control panel.
You might want to experiment with the new sound enhancement stuff, don't go full throttle right away! Beta tester Ted Leeuwesteijn
recommends to set 'low' for the front & 'medium' for the rear speakers to avoid distortion and go with a 60%/75% front/rear volume setting
to gain 'maximized music pleasure'.
Ted also reported a problem with a buzzing/humming sound on the front speakers of his Labwax N6 card after installing the new version. This
problem did not occur on a fresh installed BeOS system, he wrote. If you run into the same problem, drop me a line!

Okay, here we go. This is the release of a new sound card driver for the BeOS R5.
The story behind it is told in just a few lines ... uh, you don't want to here it? Okay, okay, let's get down to the real
stuff right away. (for those who are interested in it, drop me a line ;)

The driver complies to the 'old' sound interface that is still supported by BeOS R5, although multi_audio is now the
state-of-the-art interface on our favorite operating system.

Currently supported features:
- 4 channel audio playback (wave to rear speakers only!!)
- 2 channel audio recording
- digital audio I/O (if supported by sound card)
- MPU-401 MIDI interface (via gameport)
- joystick interface
- support for Hoontech Digital I-Phone XG (untested, need your feedback!!)
- 3D sound enhancements
- mixer interface/application
- lots of other cool stuff

The mixer application:
This term doesn't really apply here, since it is just a test-bed for the driver. You can still use the system mixer in the
media preferences panel, but you shouldn't 'mix the mixers' :-) The S/PDIF panel still lacks some functionality, but output
signal routing is already there. You can choose between these settings:

- PCM Mix
- Wave direct
- S/PDIF in

Oh, don't leave the mixer open whenever you feel like having to restart the media server!

Have fun and don't forget to file a bug report for this driver over there at www.bebugbase.com if you encounter any
problems which are not already mentioned in the list below.

Waiting for your feedback!


If you're a regular, you can skip this paragraph:
This is a very early software release! The program works on my machine and I hope it works on yours too. However,
there are still some limitations to it and a couple of bugs are waiting to be discovered. But that's the challenge of it all!
Install it, test it and send your feedback to the developer. Don't just wait for the next release, get in touch!
You don't have any problems with this program? You even like it at least a little bit?? Fine, tell the developer!!

BeOS R5 Intel (developed under R5Pro only)
- Hoontech SoundTrack Digital-XG (YMF754 & YMF744)
- Labway XWave 6000

- remove any patched native ymf driver from your system
- remove all files of a previous installation by starting the 'uninstall' script
- install the driver by starting the 'install' script (I know, it's too obvious. You could have done this without me :-)
- open the media preferences panel and assign the new driver to audio input/output. You need to restart the media sever
one more time

Start the mixer application...
If you get 2 error messages saying that mixer and mux aren't available (or something like that, can't remember it right now :)
than either the driver wasn't installed correctly or your card is not supported. Before you get in touch with me (or even file
a bug report) run this 'Low-level check procedure':

Low-level check:
- check for these files on your system:
/home/config/add-ons/kernel/drivers/dev/audio/old/ymf754 - link to /home/config/add-ons/kernel/bin/ymf754
/home/config/add-ons/kernel/drivers/dev/audio/mix/ymf754 - link to /home/config/add-ons/kernel/bin/ymf754
/home/config/add-ons/kernel/drivers/dev/audio/mux/ymf754 - link to /home/config/add-ons/kernel/bin/ymf754
/home/config/add-ons/kernel/drivers/dev/midi/ymf754 - link to /home/config/add-ons/kernel/bin/ymf754

- check for entries in /dev/audio/old. You should see 'ymf754' listed there. If that's not the case, run 'rescan ymf754'
from the command line. If the

Latest Version

Details about this version:
V0.0.3 (March 18, 2001)
- Device Driver (V0.0.3/8):
- added support for YMF744 cards, revisited
- Mixer Application (V0.0.3/6):
- added misc. functions, S/PDIF status
- new &squo;overwrite mixer option&squo; (thanks to Rich Hafley)
- fixed redraw bug
- I-Phone controls can be enabled/disabled (due to problems with Labway cards, reported by Ted Leeuwesteijn)

intel (BeOS 5)     (70.7K)

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